Cancellation insurance

Application conditions

You can take out cancellation insurance when booking your holiday.
This comprehensive insurance, negotiated by Chapka Assurances, must be purchased on the day of booking.

The cost of this insurance is 4.2% including tax of the value of your holiday and allows you to cancel under certain conditions. Here are some of the relevant clauses (this list is not exhaustive):
  • Codiv-19 cover: The guarantee provides for the reimbursement to the insured tenant of the sums actually paid by the Insured and the cancellation or modification costs due under this contract, less transport taxes (example: air taxes) and accommodation, insurance premiums and administrative costs, if the Insured tenant cannot leave for the following reason:
    • cancellation in the event of contracting Covid-19,
    • quarantine justified by a medical authority before departure,
    • denied boarding due to a temparature measurement or a positive test result,
    • hospitalization of a family member.
  • Death, Accident or Critical Illness, Hospitalization:
    • for you,
    • of your spouse,
    • of a family member as well as any person usually living with the insured,
    • of the person accompanying you during the holiday.
  • Material damage (more than 50%) or major theft occurring at your home or in your business premises,
  • Redundancy: for you or your spouse,
  • Obligation to attend a university remedial exam,
  • Contraindication subsequent to vaccination, depression, nervous or mental illness leading to hospitalisation for more than 4 consecutive days,
  • Obtaining a salaried job or a paid internship before departure, if registered with the job centre,
  • Cancellation or modification of your holiday by your employer,
  • Professional delocalisation forcing the insured party to move house (see conditions),
  • Refusal of tourist visa by national authorities, theft of identity card or passport,
  • Inability to get to the holiday location, by any means (road, train, air) due to roadblocks, strikes or natural events preventing traffic circulation.

How to subscribe?

To subscribe to cancellation insurance, you must select yes from the drop-down menu (on the cancellation insurance line).
Once your booking is complete, you will receive by email from Chapka assurances the documents relating to your subscription, within a maximum of two weeks depending on the date of booking.

To view the full details of cancellation conditions as part of your subscription, we invite you to download the 3 documents below: