The 5 types of activities

Vulcania offers different types of activities to meet young and older explorers' needs, adventurers looking for thrills and scientists interested in discoveries. Find the 5 categories of activities in the park to prepare your visit and satisfy all tastes!

Dynamic attractions

Essential to fill up with emotions, the dynamic animations of Vulcania allow you to combine pedagogy and entertainment during your exploration. From 4D cinema to family roller coaster, you won't be short of thrills!

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Films on giant screens

Vulcania has two of the most imposing screens in Europe: a screen with a surface area of ​​415m² and a curved screen 22 meters in diameter in the largest planetarium in France! These screens allow you to live impressive audiovisual experiences thanks to their quality sound system.

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Activities for the youngest ones

From the age of 3, your children can access various activities to awaken their senses and learn about science: indoor and outdoor play areas, manipulations,...
'Cité des enfants' (Children's lab): designed by the 'Cité des sciences' of Paris, this space is entirely designed for little explorers and will allow them to familiarize themselves with the movements of water, the effects of light and even sounds and smells through various experiences.

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