Smart tips

To prepare your day and make the most of your visit, read the following tips.

  • What days to visit?
    Saturdays and Sundays are the quietest days in summer. In summer, the busiest days in general are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. During the Ascension weekend, the busiest day is Friday.
  • How much time to take for your visit?
    Vulcania advises you to allow at least one day to explore the park fully: average visit greater than 6 hours.
    Visitors can leave the park during the day: just get your hand stamped at the exit. It is best to spend 2 days at the park in the summer or on bank holidays.
  • How to organise your visit of the park?
    You do not have to go round the park in a set direction. You are free to organise your day as you like, to make the most of all of the events available. Take a look at the map for suggestions of routes that you can follow around Vulcania. A guide map will be supplied on the first day of your visit (the times of all event are detailed on it).
    Our staff are available to advise you how best to organise your visit. It is advisable to seek their advice on the busiest days.
    Vulcania offers a one-hour tour to discover the history of the park, its architecture and contents. You are well advised to take this tour to help you find your way around the site. There is an additional charge for the tour (€3.5 per person) which should be booked on arrival at the park.
  • Are restaurants available on-site?
    Vulcania offers a choice of restaurants and food from sandwiches to light meals (brasserie).
    Evening meals are not available on site except during summer evening events.
    On busy days, be smart and get to our restaurants outside of the busiest times. The cafeteria and Brasserie are open from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sandwiches can be purchased in the snack bars as soon as the park is open and until it closes.
    Covered and outside shaded picnic areas are also available within the park.
  • Can I bring an animal into the park?
    Unfortunately, animals cannot be brought into the park except for guide dogs (for handicapped persons). If you bring your animal to the park, unfortunately it must remain in your vehicle. Please advise our parking staff on arrival so that they can show you to shaded parking spaces.
    Warning: the weather can change very quickly at an altitude of 1000 metres, you are advised to return to your car regularly to let your pet out and give them something to drink.
  • Is there a charge for parking?
    The car parks and entrance are closed 2 hours before the park closes.
    The car parks at Vulcania are free of charge. It is advisable to note the name of your car park and the letter of the alley in which are parked. You can note these details on the guide map given to you on entry into the park.
    The car parks are open only during park opening hours.
    There is a parking and service area for motorhomes at Vulcania. Please find all related information on this page.
  • What clothes should I wear?
    Vulcania is at an altitude of 1000 metres above sea level. The weather can change quickly during the day and may result in significant differences in temperature between the morning and the evening.
    If you are attending a summer event, bring warm clothing with you for the evening.
    Children can have fun in the water fountains at the geyser: bring a change of clothes for them.
  • Can I come to the park when the weather is bad?
    Vulcania is two-thirds underground: you will be protected when it rains and in the cool when it’s hot!
    However sunny days are better to make the most of the 57 hectares outside.
  • Is the park safe?
    Vulcania is a Sécuri-site (site safety label) and makes safety a priority for all visitors.
    Due to this, bags are checked on entry to the park to stop potentially dangerous objects being brought into the park (knives, glass objects, blunt instruments ...) For the same reason, alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the site.
    We would therefore be grateful if you do not bring such objects to the park. If necessary, you can leave these articles in your car and use them in the car park (it is possible to leave and return to the park with a hand stamp at any time during the day).